I believe that it is essential for every progressive organisation to reflect on its systems and practices to ensure that these are aligned with its strategy and vision,  are congruent with the core values that it aspires to, and are genuinely respectful of the people in its orbit. I support organisations to engage in vigorous analysis, foster a sense of common purpose, and to get to the heart of the changes that  they want to bring about in the world.

I bring a rich knowledge of outstanding leadership practice and the immense potential that it has to transform organisations for the better. I blend this with a deep curiosity about what leadership has to achieve in each particular organisational setting. My consultancy heightens leaders’  self-awareness   and builds their confidence,  to bring out the best of their leadership so that they in turn nurture creative teams and stretch and inspire their staff. It encourages leaders to develop the ethical political instincts they require to positively influence colleagues and to forge partnerships in complex stakeholder environments.

I also bring a deep understanding of the process of organisational change, and the feelings that are inevitably stirred up during periods of transition. My consultancy provides a containing space for people to make sense of their experiences of change – to test out their assumptions and to take stock of their current working cultures, processes and behaviours, to then be able to engage with different  possibilities for the future. This rejuvenates people so they can direct their energies into greater service innovation and into the success of their organisations.

Where there is unresolved  conflict in the workplace, I encourage organisations to work this through as it can be very counterproductive for the agency and can feel distressing for the individuals involved. While it may appear to be driven by personality clashes, it is often a reflection of underlying systemic problems. I can provide the safety and structure that encourages people to approach conflict in an open manner,  as a stepping-stone for professional growth, as an opportunity to generate fresh solutions, and as a vehicle to uncover insights about the organisation.

I promote workplaces where people can thrive because this will enable their organisations to flourish.