Your Career

Given the tough economic climate at the moment, I’m aware that many people are thinking seriously about their careers – what their options are, what their ideal job would be, and what other opportunities might be out there.

Here is an example of The 16PF Career Development Report, which is excellent for analysing future options. It is one of several professional development tools I’m licensed to use it in my executive coaching. This is a customised report generated for individuals from a straightforward electronic questionnaire that takes around 40 minutes to complete.

It comes with a supplementary document detailing your specific scores for: career interests; leadership patterns; and specific analysis of your interests in organising, creating, helping, analysing, producing and venturing.

All of these findings can be thoroughly analysed in a 2 hour coaching session. The 16PF is based on a  model of personality that has been extensively researched for over 50 years so clients relate well to the clarity and reliability of its results, and appreciate the thoroughness of the data.

Also, here’s an example of the 16PF Interpretive Report which is widely used in recruitment & selection. If you are applying for jobs it is worth being aware of what personality factors the 16PF measures, and relate these to the roles that you are after. Through executive coaching I can help you to increase your chances of success at interview with a professional development plan that accentuates your strengths and tackles those elements that may need attention.

If you know people who might appreciate the insights that 16PF can offer, please do spread the word. If you manage teams of staff yourself, you might consider including this as part of a support package to those who face redeployment or whose posts are at risk of redundancy.

For people who are genuinely unable to get this funded through professional development programmes at work, I’d be happy to offer it privately at a special rate.

For a basic over-view, here’s some quick information: 16PF Factsheet

Do get in touch – I’m always happy to answer questions and give you a steer where I can:

® 16PF is a registered trade mark of the Institute of Personality and Ability Testing, Inc. (IPAT) in the USA, the European Community and other countries. IPAT is a wholly owned subsidiary of Oxford Psychologists Press Ltd.